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This part of my site is by way of a background to me and my work. Not too exciting I am afraid but it needs to be done ! So we will do - briefly. I live and work in Hedon, which is near Hull, East Yorkshire in England. I have lived there since 1977 which is when my parents finished working in Europe and returned to England to live again. The european links continue however both with friends and by way of my brother who on his travels keeps providing lodgings for quick breaks in Vienna, Vancouver, Iceland and most recently Denmark.

I am married to Jennie and we have two large german shepherd dogs called Sabre and Storm, brilliant companions and double as guard dogs! All feature in my work - you have already seen them if you have seen the main page - both are demanding more pay as a result of this increased exposure ! Although Jennie accompanies me to weddings and is chief bag and tripod carrier, brides assistant and on occassions has been known to dress the men as well ( !! ) Sabre & Storm are refining their herding instincts so that they will be able to help out one day by rounding up guests for the group photo's.

When I left school photography was not on the career list, but having worked through a couple of customer liaison type jobs I was getting involved in photography through my sister in law - who also features in some of the work illustrated. I found that I was being asked to photograph people more and more for portraits and portfolios and then the weddings started coming along as well. At that point I made a conscious decision to work at the photography and to turn my career in that direction.

I started a city and guilds course and began taking various modules in different aspects of photography, did a pretty successful job of them and have now qualified as a result with Licentiateships of the Royal Photographic Society - L.R.P.S. and also the Master Photographers Association - L.M.P.A. I am also a member of the Guild of Wedding Photographers. During this period of formal qualification I wound down the office job and became a full time photographer, a move I have never regretted and which is going from strength to strength.

Mainly I am involved with Social Photography covering Weddings Portraits and Portfolios and I also have an Event Photography Service with On Site Printing to cover all your Proms, Parties and Celebrations both formal and informal. At certain times I diversify under the right circumstances to undertake some commercial work (photographing shutter doors for a brochure or a printers works for their brochure) or even some advertising work (animals - plants - still life ! ) but I believe in doing a professional job so if I am not sure I research thoroughly before undertaking anything. Pets come under the social bracket in my opinion and I often find myself photographing dogs and horses and at times the occasional goat or snake.

That is enough - or probably too much - of an introduction so I will sign off this page now - but please visit the other pages on this site and feel free to get in touch to see if I can help with your requirements.

Telephone 07889 844042

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