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Hull Gateway to Europe - P&O North Sea Ferries

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May 2001 - a look at the new river terminal for these massive Cruise Ferries

Below - the left column compares various views of the cargo ferry to size of the new Cruise Ferries on the right

Above - the two arrows on the left shot indicate the bridge of the cargo ferry and the walkway superstructure peering over the dockland skyline, compared to the skyline being dwarfed by the new Cruise Ferry !

The above shots show the relative rear views taken from the riverside walkway

These shots above are taken from the pedestrian walkway that allows the riverside walkway to cross over the cargo loading roadway and offer superb views of the ferries

Here we see one of the reasons that the new Cruise ferries offer a shorter turnaround time - up to now the ferries size were constrained by the need to fit through the lock gates and as you can see it was some squeeze fitting in and out - the ferries were literally made to within inches of the size of the lock - which added to the journey times. The new River Terminal avoids the need for navigating the locks and thus not only is the ships size now not an issue but the arrival and departure times are significantly reduced by already being in the main river

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